Laser Hair Removal

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Hair removal is not just for women. Men are using hair removal methods in increasing numbers. Some suffer from hirsutism, because of endocrine disorders or medications. Others display hypertrichosis (excessive hair) that results from genetic or ethnic reasons.

The GentleLASE Pro uses the unique Dynamic Cooling Device™, which enables faster treatment and offers greater comfort. GentleLASE Pro has shown outstanding clinical effectiveness against all competitors, including the Ruby, Diode, and other Alexandrite lasers. It is the “workhorse” laser in the hair removal industry.

Do’s and Don’ts for LHR:

Don’t: Tan! Avoid the sun/tanning beds 4-6 weeks before and after treatment to make sure you do not develop hypopigmentation (white-spots) that can last 2-3 months.

Don’t: Use spray tans/tanning lotions for two weeks before treatment.

Don’t: Pluck, tweeze, or wax for 4-6 weeks prior to treatment. The melanin-containing hair must be present in the follicle as it is the “target” for the laser light.

Do: Shave the treated area the day before or the day of your appointment. Shaving DOES NOT stimulate hair to come in thicker, coarser, or darker.

Do: Tell us if you are on any antibiotics for an active infection. (We will not treat you while you are on antibiotics, so please call us before you come in for your appointment.)

Why should I have the GentleLASE Pro treatment?
This is a procedure to remove unwanted hair. The laser targets melanin, so the best candidates for laser hair removal have fair skin and dark hair and do not currently have tanned skin. In general, the more fair the skin and the more dark the hair, the better results the patient will enjoy, but other factors may influence the treatment process, and are generally best evaluated and discussed in person. The GentleLASE Pro process offers safe and effective treatment.


What conditions are treated with the laser?
Traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving, plucking, and waxing, provide only temporary relief. Until now, the only semi-permanent way to remove hair has been by electrolysis — which can be painful, time-consuming and is limited to small cosmetic areas. Scarring, allergic reactions and ingrown hairs are all common side effects of all these hair removal methods. The GentleLASE Pro safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin. Facial and bikini areas are usually completed in under ten minutes; legs and larger areas can take longer.


How many treatments will I need?
Hair grows in cycles. The number of treatments required depends on your skin, hair coloring and coarseness of the hair. Everyone will require at least 2-3 treatments as the process is effective only on hairs during their growing cycle. Repeated sessions will be necessary to treat these follicles when they re-enter the growth phase.


Laser Hair Removal Memberships

Be silky smooth all year round and save thousands!

6 Month Membership: 6 treatments in each area

$99/month for 4 months after $198 down payment*
Choose 2 of the following: lip, chin, sideburns, areolas, hands, feet, underarms, full Brazilian, bikini, lower stomach, top of shoulders, back of neck and front of neck.

12 Month Membership: 6 treatments in each area

$99/month for 10 months after a $198 down payment.*
Choose 2 of the following: lip, chin, sideburns, areolas, hands, feet, underarms, full Brazilian, bikini, lower stomach, top of shoulders, back of neck and front of neck; and 2 from full abs, chest, lower arms, upper arms, upper legs, lower legs, full buttocks, upper back and lower back.

To sign up today, please call: 480.785.1746

*Down Payment counts toward the first and last month fee.